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We are proud of our roots and all the delicacies Costa Rica has to offer. Pure Life was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of Pablo Fumero, who, inspired by the nature that surrounds Costa Rica and all the diversity in flavors, wanted to share it with all. Pure Life is for everyone, especially those looking for the exotic, passionate about food, and wanting to live memorable experiences or even remember a memory through taste.

We find the best flavors by bringing together the world’s finest coffee producers and delivering them directly to our Pure Life family. And we keep our high-quality standards to assure you have the best products from Costa Rica.

No matter if you’ve been in Costa Rica or if you’ve only heard of how amazing our country is, let us transform your typical day into an exotic and extraordinary day with our products. Have a taste of Costa Rica from your home.

This is just the beginning of bringing to your homes the tropical flavors and exploring new products. Pure Life is here to take you into a flavorful experience and get a little piece of our home, Costa Rica, to your home.

Connect with the tropical flavors and bring Pure Life into your home with just one click.

Pure Life Selections wants to bring you the best products from our land to remind you of your best memories.

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La Pastora

The smell of coffee in the making is one of the smells that bring the most joy to any coffee lover, and with La Pastora, that feeling is double. This coffee is grown in the highest point of Tarrazú, known for growing the best coffee in the world and with the most hardworking coffee workers, who are behind each step of the coffee process.

A coffee that with a single sip takes you back to your best memories. The perfect combination of chocolate and citrus in a single bag with slight hints of caramel and almond. A pleasing and sweet aroma, citric bitterness, and a silky body.

You are a click away from having the best Costa Rican coffee.

Cup of hot coffee with La Pastora coffee bag in the kitchen

Our Certifications

The land is our main supplier for the delicacies we provide our Pure Life family with, and we are incredibly grateful to it. We make sure to protect and care for the land, our workers, and the environment throughout all our processes.  Proud of having the Fair Trade USA certification and the International Fair Trade certification, the Essential Costa Rica certification, which represents and promotes our country worldwide, the NAMA-Low Carbon Coffee certification, and as we mentioned being a Tarrazú coffee.

Some of the certifications we are honored of having are:

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Essential Costa Rica logo
Fairtrade logo
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Coffee Break: The Magical Moment

Nothing compares to freshly brewed coffee, and we are not talking about coffee pods or coffee capsules, we are talking about the real coffee and its proper traditional preparation. No matter when or how you drink your coffee or at what time of the day, whether it is with breakfast or in the afternoon with a snack, the pleasure of taking a coffee is unique. The coffee break from work and getting an excellent coffee to boost you up for the rest of the day is magical. The coffee you have each morning to kick off your day is precious. The coffee you have with your friends while talking about life is priceless. La Pastora Coffee is here for you at all times, especially for those who love a good coffee and like the old-fashioned and traditional coffee preparation. Let us bring you the best coffee experience in your preferred style.

Whether cappuccino, espresso, iced, Americano, or Frappuccino, there is always time for a good cup of coffee.

Coffee Lovers Corner

I love this coffee from Costa Rica it's delicious and at a very good price. I really recommend buying this coffee.
Susan M.
Finally found the best coffee from Costa Rica.
I missed Costa Rican coffee and this is an amazing product, great flavor, body, and aroma.
Esteban C.
“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”
Donna A. Favors
“Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it's hard to go back to sleep.”
Fran Drescher

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